Stormwater Trees

What are Stormwater Trees?

Stormwater trees help soak rainwater into the ground or hold it on their leaves and branches until it evaporates. They can be used in conjunction with engineered soils and other types of green infrastructure and work best when they’re mature (and so are not a quick fix to stormwater issues). Stormwater trees also act as ‘carbon sinks’ which means they soak up carbon dioxide, one of the main gasses that contribute to climate change.

What are the Benefits of Stormwater Trees?

  • Soak up rainwater before it enters our sewer pipes and rivers
  • Fight climate change
  • Reduce the risk of flooding
  • Reduce air pollution
  • Improve health
  • Provide oxygen
  • Beautify the community

Stormwater Tree Installation and Care

Questions about the installation or care of your stormwater tree? Here are some helpful resources:

How do I select my stormwater tree?

How do I plant my new tree?

How do I care for my stormwater tree?


Get Inspired

People in the Milwaukee community with stormwater trees.

Stormwater Tree Sapling

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For question on how to get started with your stormwater trees, or how to implement any of our green strategies, contact us.