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Fresh Coast Guardians are caretakers protecting our rivers and Lake Michigan with a passion to live, work, and play on the rich bounties of the Fresh Coast.  What inspires you when it comes to water? Why do you love Lake Michigan and want to protect it? What's your WHY?

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People who support the effort

What’s their Why? See what others have to say...

  • P.J. E. from St. Francis

    P.J. E. from St. Francis

    My favorite thing to do with water is water my GARDEN! I use my rain barrel to water all the vegetables I'm growing to feed people, and the perennials that I'm growing to beautify my neighborhood and save the pollinators.

  • Mario P. from West Allis

    Mario P. from West Allis

    Why did I do it? I care about my home, Lake Michigan and the county of Milwaukee. The 275 gallon/ two 30 gallon dry-wells collect rain water from my roof and surface water from the yard and allow it to percolate back into the soil when it becomes dry. This keeps water out of our sewer system and away from my homes foundation. The rain gardens are planted with native plants and aside from being aesthetically pleasing they also aid in keeping rainwater out of our sewer system and aid in drainage. I also don't do laundry when it has rained heavily!

  • Carrie C. from Wauwatosa

    Carrie C. from Wauwatosa

    As residents of Wauwatosa for the past several years, we are well aware of the impact of stormwater on Lake Michigan. We want to do our part to help. We strive to be environmentally conscious in many ways, and we prefer native plants in our home landscaping. Our new rain garden with native plants fits right in - helping to reduce flooding and providing native habitat!

  • Lindsay F. from Milwaukee

    Lindsay F. from Milwaukee

    The residents who call the Fresh Coast home deserve swimmable and fishable waters, and everyone has a role to play! My favorite activity to help out is planting native plants in our yard (we have 37 native plants on a city lot!). We love watching all sorts of colorful blooms, and the birds, bees, and butterflies love to visit our yard!

  • David and Kathy R. from West Allis

    David and Kathy R. from West Allis

    We have made an effort to reduce the amount of lawn I have, that requires water and fertilizer. The lawn area in our front yard is about 50 percent les then it used to be several years ago. This year we switched to using Milorganite and just apply spot weed killer as needed. Butterflies abound. Someday we will have the courage to remove the rest of the front lawn and turn it into more perennial beds.