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MMSD Resilience Plan
MMSD Resilience Plan

The Resilience Plan was a collaborative effort between over 50 stakeholders to identify risks to the region and actions that can be taken to reduce those risks. Driven by climate change and urbanization, the risks and actions address social, environmental and economic challenges.

MMSD Urban Biodiversity Plan
MMSD Urban Biodiversity Plan

The Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), with the support of local stakeholders, wrote this plan to help protect and restore native biodiversity within MMSD’s planning area through the application of green infrastructure (GI).

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Regional GI Plan

Green infrastructure is a key component to meeting MMSD’s 2035 Vision for zero basement backups, zero overflows, and improved water quality.

fresh coast green solutions
Fresh Coast Green Solutions

The Milwaukee region weaves green and traditional grey infrastructure into a sustainable future. This includes a range of effective, economical techniques that use nature to manage water.

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Green Infrastructure Potential

MMSD has an ultimate goal of eliminating sewer overflows by 2035. Green infrastructure will be a critical component of meeting this goal, especially given the District’s heavy investments in grey infrastructure.

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MMSD Sustainability Plan

Sustainability is not an endpoint at the Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District (MMSD), but rather it is the pathway forward. It’s about ensuring we do our part to protect the region’s environmental health, support social sustainability, and be fiscally responsible.

KK River Watershed GI
KK River Watershed GI Plan

The Kinnickinnic River Watershed Green Infrastructure Plan is the first comprehensive, watershed-specific, plan created as part of the larger watershed planning effort recommended by the RGIP. It builds on the RGIP recommendations to allow multiple stakeholders to strategically implement green infrastructure in a way that meets their objectives.

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Green Infrastructure For Schools Guidebook

This guidebook outlines the commonly-cited types of green infrastructure that can be used on school grounds. Five schools in the MMSD region are featured as examples of how schools are using green infrastructure.

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GI Operations & Maintenance
Implementation Framework

To realize and sustain broad GI across the MMSD service area, the region needs to implement a GI operation and maintenance (O&M) framework to cost-effectively maintain GI benefits.

GI maintenance form
Green Infrastructure Maintenance Form

Fill out the maintenance form for each of your MMSD funded projects with the previous year’s maintenance activities. Send the form and pictures here: greeninfrastructure@mmsd.com

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Tackling Barriers to Green Infrastructure

This workbook provides a starting point to help communities review and revise their codes and ordinances with the goal of improving stormwater runoff mitigation by enabling, encouraging and promoting green infrastructure.