Fresh Coast Guardians Goal

How does MMSD connect the Fresh Coast Resource Center with the future?

In the last 40 years, the Milwaukee region has transformed its approach to water under MMSD leadership and partnership. This transformation is helping clean up the area’s rivers and preserve Lake Michigan, and is guided by a long-term vision. In January 2011, the MMSD Commission formally approved its 2035 Vision and Strategic Objectives that guide us in efficiency, innovation, and sustainability. Those objectives include measurable goals related to integrated watershed management (IWM), including:

  • Use green infrastructure to capture the first 0.5 inch of rainfall.

MMSD is focusing on the 0.5-inch goal, or the volume equivalent of 740 million gallons in green infrastructure! Building that much green infrastructure is no small task, and so in 2013 MMSD completed a regional green infrastructure plan to provide a roadmap to achieving the goal. One of the 48 recommendations in the plan is to “Develop a Regional Green Infrastructure Service Center” to “provide technical assistance” to “reduce duplication of services.”

We’re pleased to open the doors to our Fresh Coast Resource Center in 2017, and we’re interested in learning how we can help you further your green infrastructure projects while you help us meet our goal!