Natural Landscaping

What is Natural Landscaping?

Natural landscaping uses colorful native plants, ornamentals, or a combination of the two, to manage rainwater while beautifying your yard. Native plants have deep growing root systems that help break up soil, allowing more water to drain into the ground. Landscaping with native plants helps promote a healthy natural landscape that creates a habitat for local birds, bees, and butterflies. By installing native plants and ornamentals, you can have a beautiful landscape while mowing less.

What are the Benefits of Natural Landscaping?

  • Beautifies your yard and neighborhood
  • Helps protect our streams and Lake Michigan from pollution by reducing stormwater runoff
  • Reduces the risk of flooding and drainage problems
  • Provides habitat for pollinators and birds
  • Reduces the amount of lawn you need to mow

Natural Landscaping Installation & Care

Questions about installation or care of your natural landscaping?
Here are some helpful resources:

Get Inspired

Local Milwaukee natural landscaping.

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Curious on how you can create a more sustainable home in Wisconsin? Try a rain barrel, rain garden or plant stormwater trees.

For question on how to get started with your natural landscape, or how to implement any of our green strategies, contact us.