Rain Barrels & Cisterns

Rain Barrel Important Information

Due to supply issues, we are suspending the sales of rain barrels from our lobby. Please visit your local hardware or home improvement store to purchase a rain barrel.

Rain Barrel Workshops 

Learn how to install and care for a rain barrel in a rain barrel workshop. Participants will learn about water conservation and the many benefits of using rain barrels. 

One FREE rain barrel will be provided per owner-occupied household at the workshop and registration is required. If you have received a free rain barrel in the past from MMSD, you are not eligible to receive another free rain barrel.

The popularity of our rain barrel workshops has them filling up quickly.  If you want to be the first to know about the next Rain Barrel Workshop sign up for our Fresh Coast email newsletter to be notified.

If you have a certificate for a rain barrel from an MMSD Rain Barrel Workshop you can still come to our MMSD Headquarters lobby Monday through Friday, between 8 am and 4 pm to pick up your rain barrel. 


Tips for Selecting a Rain Barrel:

  • The top is covered to keep out debris, mosquitoes, and other bugs
  • The spigot should be low on the barrel, so water does not stagnate at the bottom.
  • Use a downspout diverter to redirect water to the downspout preventing rain barrel overflows.
  • Look for a barrel made of thicker plastic that is UV resistant. If it feels like an oversized garbage can, it probably won't last.


Don’t Let Good Water Go to Waste

Want some FREE water for your gardens or lawn? Want to help protect Lake Michigan?  Installing a rain barrel is an easy way to do your part to protect Lake Michigan and become a Fresh Coast Guardian. Rain barrels and cisterns capture and store rainwater for outdoor water use like gardening. Rain barrels and cisterns are similar, although cisterns tend to be larger and sometimes are installed underground.

How to Install Your Black MMSD Rain Barrel

Follow these few easy steps to make sure your rain barrel is set up correctly at your home.

Rain Barrel Installation & Care

Questions about the installation or care of your rain barrel?
Here are some helpful resources:

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Get Inspired

People in the community with great new rain barrels from Fresh Coast Guardians.

Curious about how you can create a more sustainable home in Wisconsin? Try a rain garden,  natural landscaping or plant stormwater trees.

For questions on how to install a rain barrel, or how to implement any of our green strategies, contact us.