Grant Writing Support & Project Development

We Can….

Help you develop your project for funding!

It can be difficult to know where to start when managing rain water.  Understanding the space available, the amount of water, and the different green infrastructure strategies is key to creating a well-thought-out project that can be built or proposed to a potential funder.  Many successful green infrastructure projects integrate other things that are important to the community (see our Benefits page for more information). 

Green infrastructure costs money, and not everyone who wants green infrastructure has the funds necessary to actually BUILD a project. That’s where grant funding may help.  Getting support for your project requires clear communication about why your project is important.   

What FCRC Can Do:      

  • Help create your project idea
  • Make sure you are considering different aspects of your project
  • Review and comment on your completed grant applications
  • Help make connections to other partners when applicable

What FCRC Can Not Do:

  • Provide assistance for grants for District projects when a funding opportunity is open
  • Submit grants for you