Sizing Your Project

Knowing how much water needs to go into a green infrastructure strategy is key to making sure your project doesn’t put other properties at risk, that it functions the way you need it to, and that it fits within your budget!

Step 1:     Download the .zip file here.  Open the zip folder and click the Excel document  “Green Infrastructure Sizing Calculator"

  •  If you want to access the documents related to plans and specifications, you will need to download the files in the zip folder and save the documents to a new folder on your computer.

Step 2:     Click ‘enable content’ then ‘enable editing’ on the top

Step 3:     Fill in the blue boxes with your project information

  • Use the map below to fill in the blue boxes about the size of your space and answer project-specific questions.

Step 4:     Choose your green infrastructure strategy (if it is grey, that is not an option)

Step 5:     See your project size and materials you need to capture the first half inch

Step 6:     Click the “Quantities and opinions of cost” tab at the top to see your project's cost estimate


GI Sizing Companion Map

Detailed User Instructions

GI Plans & Specs Final Report


Note to users: If you are using this tool to provide sizing information for stormwater management or green infrastructure plans to your local municipality, please be advised that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Infrastructure Standards and Chapter 13 Standards apply.  You can find resources on guidance here:

Chapter 13 Information

WI DNR Stormwater Standards