Green Infrastructure Sizing

We Can…

Help you identify the right type of green infrastructure size, & give you a cost estimate!

Knowing how much water needs to go into a green infrastructure strategy is key to making sure your project doesn’t put other properties at risk, that it functions the way you need it to, and that it fits within your budget! We can help identify the right type of green infrastructure for your space, the appropriate size to capture the water, and how much it might cost.  You can use this information to develop your project and budget!

Want to try sizing a project?  Use our Sizing Your Project tool listed under the Resource page!

What FCRC Can Do:

  • Help identify how much impervious (space that doesn’t allow water to soak into the ground) space you have and how much space you need for your project
  • Provide a planning-level cross-section and area of a green infrastructure strategy
  • Identify the water quality and quantity impacts of your project
  • Generate a list of materials and cost estimates
  • Provide a list of green vendors that can build your project

What FCRC Can Not Do:

  • Provide detailed construction drawings specific to your project


Note to users: If you are using this tool to provide sizing information for stormwater management or green infrastructure plans to your local municipality, please be advised that the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources Green Infrastructure Standards and Chapter 13 Standards apply.  You can find resources on guidance here:

Chapter 13 Information

WI DNR Stormwater Standards