25 Sep

Green Infrastructure Overpass Contest

Walk away with $5,000 if you or your team develops a top innovative idea for managing stormwater under freeway overpasses, areas of land often overlooked that could help reduce water pollution and, at the same time, provide a public benefit such as recreation.

The contest, funded by the Tellier Foundation, is focused on reducing and treating polluted stormwater runoff, the biggest remaining threat to rivers and lakes across the United States.

Each project team will develop 2 or 3 alternatives described in a memo, then further define a recommended plan which would include conceptual design drawing or visual, an estimate of construction cost, a construction schedule, a description of constructability issues, and a long-term maintenance plan memo.  Award selection will be equally based on innovation, sustainability, and quality of the submittal.

Learn more: https://www.mmsd.com/about-us/news/tellier-green-infrastructure-overpass-contest